Time To Drop Hammer on Boorish Fans

It’s hard to avoid Golf Bro these days. He’s at every PGA Tour event, usually carrying more beer than brain cells, and always possessed of a garrulous self-regard while destitute of self-awareness.

If you’re not fortunate enough to attend a tournament to hear Golf Bro holler his witticisms in person, fear not, for he pollutes the airwaves as enthusiastically he does the fairways. When did you last enjoy a broadcast without shots being punctuated with cries of “Baba Booey” or “Mashed Potato?” Those well-worn phrases are seemingly akin to reciting Shakespeare for the sloshed.

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Wasted Management Phoenix Open Not For All

One year during the Waste Management Phoenix Open, Kenny Perry went to get a haircut, during which the stylist asked why he was in town. “I’m playing in the golf tournament,” Perry said.

“I love the golf event,” she replied enthusiastically. “I go every night.”

There is much to admire about the WMPO in daylight hours, too. It has raised more than $120 million for charity and every year draws more fans than any other PGA Tour stop – 655,434 in 2017. But some other statistics aren’t so admirable.

The most lubricated show on grass: the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

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